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SCION TURBO / SUPERCHARGER KITS is your #1 source for Scion Turbo / Supercharger Kits On-Line!!  Choose from the widest selection of Scion Supercharger / Turbo Kits available.  Scion Turbo & Supercharger Kits are now available from Blitz, Greddy, HKS & World Motorsports for your Scion.  Scion Supercharger & Turbo Kits are complete and include all hardware for a proper installation.
Scion Supercharger & Turbo Kits add up to 140+ Horsepower on your Scion!!!
Scion Supercharger Kits                Scion Turbo Kits
Scion xB Supercharger Kits          Scion xB Turbo Kits
Scion xA Supercharger Kits          Scion xA Turbo Kits
Scion tC Supercharger Kits          Scion tC Turbo Kits
Scion Supercharger Kits
Scion Supercharger Kits for the Scion xA & xB. Choose Supercharger Kits from Blitz & Greddy for your Scion xA & xB!! Scion Supercharger Kits are belt driven, forced induction and can provide up to 50hp on your xA or xB. Get a Scion Supercharger Kit!!!
Scion Turbo Kits
Scion Turbo Kits for the Scion tC & xB. Choose from a variety of Turbo Kits from Turbonetics, HKS, Greddy & World Motorsports for your Scion!! Scion Turbo Kits range from 5psi to 8psi of boost and can provide power gains of up to 140HP!! Scion Turbo Kit
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