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Scion xA Engine Performance Parts

04-06 Scion xA Engine Performance Parts. Engine Parts for Scion xA. Choose from xA Air Intake Systems, Aluminum Crank Pulleys, Exhaust Systems, Headers, Ignition Upgrades, Tuning Parts, Intake Manifolds, Fuel Upgrades & More. xA Engine Performance.
Scion xA Air Intake & Filter
04-06 Scion xA Air Intake. Performance Short Ram or Cold Air Intake for Scion xA. Choose from Intake Systems by AFE, Blitz, DC Sports, Injen, K&N, Weapon R & More. xA Aftermarket Air Intake provides increased airflow for more power & fuel economy.
Scion xA Crank Pulley
04-06 Scion xA Crank Pulley. Lightweight Aluminum Crank Pulley for Scion xA. Choose from Blue, Silver or Red xB Crank Pulley. Agency Power Scion xA Crank Pulley weight almost 4lbs lighter than stock, which produces quicker acceleration.
Scion xA Engine Miscellaneous
04-06 Scion xA Miscellaneous Engine Parts. Performance Miscellaneous Engine Parts for Scion xA. NRG Innovations Oil Catch Can will prevent oil contamination in the intake system. It is fully functional, yet provides a show quality look.
Scion xA Exhaust System
04-06 Scion xA Exhaust System. Aftermarket Performance Exhaust for Scion xA. Choose from xA Axle-Back & Cat-Back Exhaust Systems by Blitz, DC Sports, Magnaflow, Tanabe & More. xA Performance Exhaust provides optimum sound & performance.
Scion xA Fuel Upgrades
04-06 Scion xA Fuel Upgrades. Aftermarket Fuel Upgrades for Scion xA. Choose from Larger Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pressure Regulators & Adapters and more. Scion xA Fuel Upgrades by Deatschwerks, Walbro, NRG Innovations & More.
Scion xA Header
04-06 Scion xA Header. Aftermarket Header for Scion xA. Choose from xA Headers by Weapon R & DC Sports. Polished or Ceramic Coated Headers available from FastScions. Improve Power and Sound with a Scion xA Aftermarket Header Kit.
Scion xA Ignition Parts
04-06 Scion xA Ignition Parts. Aftermarket Ignition Upgrades for Scion xA. Choose from Performance Coils, Iridium Spark Plugs & Ignition Equalizer Kits. Increase your spark output for increased power and fuel efficiency in your xA.
Scion xA Intake Manifold
04-06 Scion xA Intake Manifold. Aluminum Intake Manifold for Scion xA. The Weapon R xA Intake Manifold is the only proven Aftermarket option. This Intake Manifold is 100% Bolt-On and provides more airflow to your 1NZFE Scion xA Engine.
Scion xA Tuning Parts
04-06 Scion xA Tuning Parts. Computer Upgrades for Scion xA. Choose from Piggy-Back or Standalone Computer Upgrades by AEM, Greddy & More. Plug N Play Computer Harness available to eliminate the need for custom wiring and/or splicing.
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