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08+ Scion xB Performance Parts. Aftermarket Performance Parts & Accessories for Scion xB2. 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 xB2 Engine Performance Parts, Brake & Cooling Upgrades, Suspension & Transmission Parts, Lighting Upgrades, Interior Trim, Wheel Accessories & More.
Scion xB2 Brake Parts
08+ Scion xB Brake Parts & Upgrades. Brake Upgrades for Scion xB2. Big Brake Kits, Drilled and/or Slotted Brake Rotors, Performance Brake Pads and Stainless Braided Brake Lines available Front and Rear. Quality Aftermarket Brake Upgrades.
Scion xB2 Carbon Fiber Parts
08+ Scion xB Carbon Fiber Parts. CF Parts for Scion xB2. Choose from xB2 Carbon Fiber Hoods, Trunks, Fenders, Spoilers, Fog Lights, Bumper Caps, Engine Covers & More. 08-15 Scion xB2 Carbon Fiber Upgrades feature Grade AA Carbon Fiber from FastScions.
Scion xB2 Cooling Upgrades
08+ Scion xB Cooling Upgrades. Aftermarket Cooling Parts for Scion xB2. Choose from Aluminum Radiators & Fan Shrouds, Low Temp Thermostats & Silicone or Glass Radiator Hoses. 08-15 Scion xB Cooling Parts will keep your engine running cooler.
Scion xB2 Engine Accessories
08+ Scion xB Engine Accessories. Engine Dress Up Accessories for Scion xB2. Choose from Aftermarket Hood Dampers and Engine Dress Up Items for your Scion xB2. Our Engine Accessories are made of quality Stainless & Billet Aluminum for show quality.
Scion xB2 Engine Performance Parts
08+ Scion xB Engine Performance Parts. Aftermarket Performance Engine Parts & Upgrades for Scion xB2. Choose from Air Intakes & Filters, Exhaust Systems, Headers, Ignition Upgrades, Intake Manifolds, Crank Pulleys, Throttle Spacers and more.
Scion xB2 Exterior Parts
08+ Scion xB Exterior Parts & Upgrades. Aftermarket Exterior Parts for Scion xB2. Choose from Body Kits, Bumpers, Lips, Spoilers, Side Skirts, Hoods, Fenders, Trunks, Window Visors, Vertical Doors & More. Upgrade with xB2 Exterior Parts.
Scion xB2 Interior Parts
08+ Scion xB Interior Parts. Interior Upgrades for Scion xB2. Choose from Racing Seats, Seat Covers, Steering Wheels, Quick Release Kits & More. Aftermarket xB2 Interior Parts & Accessories from FastScions are show quality and award winning.
Scion xB2 Lighting Parts
08+ Scion xB Lighting Parts. Aftermarket Lighting Parts for Scion xB2. Choose from xB2 Fog Lights, Halo Projector Headlights, LED Tail Lights & HID Lighting Kits. Scion xB2 Lighting Upgrades will enhance light output with show quality look.
Performance Suspension Performance Parts for the Scion xB 2008 2009
08+ Scion xB Suspension Parts. Performance Suspension for Scion xB2. Choose from xB Aftermarket Coilovers, Lowering Springs, Sway Bars, Strut Bars, Under Braces, Performance Shocks, Suspension Bushings & More. 08-15 Scion xB Suspension Parts.
Scion xB2 Transmission Parts
08+ Scion xB Transmission Parts. Aftermarket Transmission Upgrades for Scion xB2. Choose from xB2 Performance Clutch Kits & Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels. Shift faster and rev quicker with Scion xB2 Performance Transmission Parts & Upgrades.
Scion xB2 Turbo Kit
08+ Scion xB Turbo Kit. Aftermarket Turbo Kit for Scion xB2. 08-15 Scion xB Turbo Kit from FastScions! This is the only true, authentic xB2 Turbo Kit that comes complete including Engine Management. Make up to 300whp off 8psi with our xB2 Turbo.
Scion xB2 Wheel Accessories
08+ Scion xB Wheel Accessories. Extended Wheel Studs and Wheel Spacer for Scion xB2. Choose from Ichiba Extended Wheel Studs and Bolt-On Wheel Spacers by H&R and Ichiba. Widen your stance with Scion xB2 Wheel Accessories from
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