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Scion tC Engine Performance Parts

05-10 Scion tC Engine Performance Parts. Performance Engine Parts for Scion tC. Choose from tC Air Intakes, Aluminum Crank Pulleys, Exhaust Systems, Headers, Ignition Upgrades, Engine Internals, Computer Upgrades, Downpipes, Throttle Spacers & more.
Scion tC Air Intake & Filter
05-10 Scion tC Air Intake & Filter. Short Ram or Cold Air Intake for Scion tC. Choose from AEM, AFE, Blitz, DC Sports, K&N, Injen, Weapon R, Takeda Air Intake Systems. tC Performance Intakes provide increased airflow to the engine providing more power.
Scion tC Crank Pulley
05-10 Scion tC Crank Pulley. Lightweight Aluminum Crank Pulley for Scion tC. Choose from Silver, Red, Blue or Black Aluminum Crank Pulleys by Agency Power. tC Lighweight Crank Pulley weighs almost 4lbs lighter than the OEM Crank Pulley.
Scion tC Engine Internals
Performance Engine Internals for the Scion tC 2005 06 07 08 09 2010. Racing Pistons by JE Pistons and Connecting Rods by Carrillo for your Scion tC with 2AZFE Engine. Build your Scion tC 2AZFE Engine with some Performance Engine Internals.
Scion tC Engine Misc
05-10 Scion tC Engine Misc. Miscellaneous Engine Parts for Scion tC. Oil Catch Can Kits & Radiator Overflow Tanks by Weapon R & NRG Innovations. Scion tC Miscellaneous Engine Parts are intended for show looks but remain fully functional as well.
Scion tC Exhaust System
05-10 Scion tC Exhaust System. Performance Exhaust for Scion tC. Choose from Axle Back or Cat Back Exhaust Systems by Agency Power, Apexi, Borla, DC Spors, Greddy, Injen, Magnaflow, Tanabe & More. tC Performance Exhaust for sound & power.
Scion tC Fuel Upgrades
05-10 Scion tC Fuel Upgrades. Performance Fuel Upgrades for Scion tC. Choose from Larger Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Rails & More. tC Performance Fuel Upgrades provide more fuel for NA or Forced Induction.
Scion tC Header
05-10 Scion tC Header. Performance Header for Scion tC. Choose from 4-1 or 4-2-1 Headers by DC Sports, DME Power & Weapon R. Scion tC Aftermarket Header is available with or without S Pipe and provides increased power with less exhaust restriction.
Scion tC Ignition Parts
05-10 Scion tC Ignition Parts. Performance Ignition Upgrades for Scion tC. Choose from Spark Plugs, Ignition Coils and Ignition Equalizer Kits. Increase your spark output and efficiency with Performance Ignition Parts & Upgrades for Scion tC.
Scion tC Intake Manifold
05-10 Scion tC Intake Manifold. Aluminum Intake Manifold for Scion tC. The Weapon R Scion tC Performance Intake Manifold will provide great power output over the OEM. Upgrade to tC Intake Manifold for modified 2AZFE; NA or Force Induction.
Scion tC Nitrous Kit
05-10 Scion tC Nitrous Kit. Aftermarket Nitrous Kit for Scion tC. Choose from Performance Nitrous Systems by Zex and Nitrous Express. tC Nitrous Kits available in Wet, Dry or Direct Injection. 100% Bolt-On Nitrous Kit for Scion tC 2AZFE 2.4L.
Scion tC S Pipe
05-10 Scion tC S Pipe. Performance S Pipe for Scion tC. Choose from Scion tC S Pipes by Invidia & Weapon R. Aftermarket S Pipe aka Downpipe is a larger 2.5" Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel unit that will provide increased exhaust flow, power and sound.
Scion tC Throttle Body Spacers
05-10 Scion tC Throttle Body Spacer. Performance Throttle Spacer for Scion tC. Increase Throttle Response, Power & Fuel Efficiency with a Throttle Body Spacer. Choose from Spacers by PowerAid or Torque Solutions for your 2AZFE Engine.
Scion tC Tuning Parts
05-10 Scion tC Tuning Parts. Computer Upgrades and Tuning Parts for Scion tC. Choose from Piggy Back or Standalone Computer Upgrades by AEM, Greddy, Unichip & More. Plug N Play Harnesses also available to eliminate the need for custom wiring & splicing.
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